Energy field (aura) Rejuvenation

Aura Rejuvenation is the process of restoring the Auric field and energy system to a vital, rejuvenated, and autonomous state of being.

self Awareness and personal creativity are key. understanding your own energy patterning and emotional-mental psychology are important for working with your unique energetic makeup.

all imbalances within one's energy-field will vary AMONG each individual. imbalances to be aware of are: egocenric attachments to another person, group, Belief system, organization or school of thought. over-identification or need for the 'other' to give you meaning is a huge red flag, as is, lack of personal individual ideas, creative thought, internally generated questions & truth seeking.


The ideal condition of the energy centers Are that you are autonomous in your own energy field with optimal connection to source/creator. the energy centers for maximum health are: open, active, and balanced, neither underactive or overactive.

However, Each one of us is unique as to how our channels are open, flowing & configured. this is determined by many variables, everyone is different yet, we all have the same basic spiritual anatomy.

In order to fully Support your unique process, we will check in with your personal soul connection to ensure you receive the Optimum outcome for your specialized needs. in this process you will be given tools for psychic proficiency & energy awareness. in addition, the goal for these sessions will be for your Aura to be clear, your energy Channels to be open and flowing properly specific to YOUR Greatest state of being. 

examples of what we might clear are:

draining cords, discordant energy, trauma residue, negative attachments such as undesirable spirits, thoughtforms, negative imprints and/or attachments from other people.

what is actually happening during this energy work is that we are creating coherency or harmony with your brain, body, mind, spirit and emotions. this coherency has been shown to assist greatly in positive change. ultimately we are able to realize the ability to bring harmony between our soul's desire and our personal desire.

(price of Energy field rejuvenation is $111.00 per hr *please note rates vary outside of the u.s.)

if you are interested in learning more about coherency, this video below is offering the work of dr. joe dispenza discussing the science of coherency practice for one's self. I definitely recommend his books & workshops! **use personal discernment & check in for yourself as to what feels best for you.

***Each session is to be regarded as an addition to one's own personal process. Sessions are to be utilized as a joint is the responsibility of both the practitioner and client to hold and communicate a discriminating personal intuitive critical thinking process in order to create the greatest results. 

**All Intuitive Sessions are deeply personal and tailored to the individual according to their specific needs & or desires as communicated from each individual and their soul itself.  Each individual & their process is held with the utmost respect & are fully confidential.  

**Energy Healing & related services are to be regarded as a compliment to traditional medicine and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.