transformational coaching

In these sessions you & lisa will work together in accessing the greatest version of yourself.

Individuals in coaching sessions will have a partner with whom to explore and reveal underlying patterns of thoughts or beliefs which may be running subconsciously in a sabotaging cycle.

These subconscious patterns may conflict with your capacity to have what you say you want or who you want to be in life. for some, this is about discovering who they are by removing that which they are not- revealing and releasing those conditioned patterns or labels placed upon you…

coaching is different from traditional therapy in that you have a wider scope of intuitive practices available to you.


transformational intuitive coaching moves beyond the mind and into ethereal & 'metaphorical' realms of existence. you'll be provided with practices that exercise, strengthen and expand your capacity to reveal your greatest unique version of yourself.

transformational coaching utilizes a wide scope of practices to reveal and release negative patterning as well as adding to your confidence and self concept, enhancing your strengths, building upon skill-sets you may be unaware of or amplify the abilities you do know of.

the result of this work can create new levels of vitality and a renewed sense of well-being. 

in this work, you will realize deeper self truths, these self truths enhance your personal positive attributes, which builds stronger self knowledge, therefore creating greater self esteem.

The possibilities are up to you. who knows, you may end up transcending your own expectations.

coaching sessions are priced at $111.00 per hr. rates vary outside of the u.s. contact lisa and (see 'purchase services' for further details)



***Each session is to be regarded as an addition to one's own personal process. Sessions are to be utilized as a joint is the responsibility of both the practitioner and client to hold and communicate a discriminating personal intuitive critical thinking process in order to create the greatest results.  In other words- each individual is to use their own discernment and discretion.

**All Intuitive Sessions are deeply personal and tailored to the individual according to their specific needs & or desires as communicated from each individual and their soul itself.  Each individual & their process is held with the utmost respect & are fully confidential.  

**Energy Healing & related services are to be regarded as a compliment to traditional medicine and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or therapeutic advice.