What is a great coach? here's what to look for in a great coach and coaching experience:

Great Coaching is about supporting another person's Self discovery, personal goals & healing processes. True Coaching assists people to come to their Own Answers through cultivating one's unique strengths and building upon a combination of Intuition & Logic.


Coaching supports and Respects Individuality, and will assist you to recognize & grow from your unique strengths.

A True Coach knows that confidence is a skill that can be learned and is happy to teach the processes for you to gain that skill.

NOTE:  An Authentically Great Coach will Not tell you what to do, they may make suggestions or offer insights, but first and foremost, their goal is to assist you in discovering the answers for yourself! They will offer tools, new habits, and exercises to get to your Own answers. An authentic coach wants to see You succeed and you cannot do that if the answers are what the coach came up with.

Think about when you've made the best changes- another person or an event may have been a catalyst- but, you ultimately made that decision and came to the conclusion for change on your own. You will not feel empowered or confident within yourself if the answers are not your own, you will instead feel more indebted to the coach for your answers and ideas. The point in hiring a Coach is to have Support to grow in your Own strengths in order to build Inner Confidence.

Internal motivation, creativity & personal meaning is what a Good Coach will help cultivate & encourage.  Self-Esteem can only come from the Self, a True Coach knows this, and will make sure to point out your successes.

The best coaches will guide ethically to make sure you know the change is ultimately happening as a result of your own work.  

 An Authentic Coach is optimistic and yet doesn't over-inflate potential outcomes, in other words they don't make unrealistic promises... instead they highlight the most beneficial attributes you carry and utilize them for your best results.

Great Coaching is non-judgmental, direct, yet compassionate.

True Authentic Coaching assists you to build trust in yourself in order for you to know yourself at a deeper level.

The best kind of Coaching creates an opportunity for you to know it is possible, and that it is completely Ok to be uniquely yourself.

True coaching provides practical useful everyday information & processes for positive Real transformation in the areas of your focus.



What you should experience with Great Coaching- The Healthy signs:

  • You feel Heard, Seen & Understood

  • What you say is held with Respect & Confidentiality

  • The Coach is Attentive & is Actively participating to Understand your situation, goals, & patterns (both positive & negative) 

  • You have New Insights into Yourself (light-bulb moments) during or after coaching sessions upon Reflection

  • You experience personal Clarity as a Result of sessions & are given tools to continue building upon that Clarity in your daily life

  • While working with this coach, you feel Hopeful that Positive change is Attainable

  • You are supported in knowing you're fully Capable & Competent

  • You feel Validated without ego-fluffing

  • You are Confident the coach recognizes & can assist with your negative patterns or problems you'd like to resolve

  • You have created Attainable realistic goals to work towards with a Coach who you Trust to be with you along the way

  • You feel Motivated & Creative

  • You Realize your True Uniqueness & are building upon your best attributes

  • You’ve been given Practical tools to take home with you for personal everyday use

  • You feel Un-stuck (if you felt that way prior)

  • Problems feel less muddled and more solvable

For an example of great coaching & practical techniques, check out this video of Mel Robbins below: