how to prepare for a session



Once you have booked and paid for your session, take time to prepare before the actual appointment. It helps to clarify your desires in order to get the most out of your session. Give yourself time to reflect on any specific questions you would like to ask.

Helpful questions to consider asking yourself are:

*What is my motivation for booking a session?

*What do I hope to gain from a session with Lisa?

*Do I hope to learn more in one area of focus within my life, or multiple areas? Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Intuitive Gifts, Guides, Soul's Purpose, Relationships, Past Lives, Work/Career, Healing Trauma, Deep Shadow Work, Moving past specific fears, Finances etc...

Any preparation you do before hand will only add to the strength of your experience.

It is helpful to bring your questions to the session. Most clients find it useful to take notes or voice record during their appointment.

Sometimes clients feel nervous when coming in for sessions, it's perfectly natural to feel this way. Do your best to be open and relax. I provide a laid back and empathetic approach to all sessions. Ask any preliminary questions you have about the general procedures if you're curious.

Be as clear and accurate as you can with the information that you provide. Your openness will assist in offering you the greatest outcome. Then just sit back and enjoy the experience!

Appointments will include helpful information you can use to improve yourself in any area of your focus.

Sessions can assist you in seeing various patterns in your life (both hindering and healthy ones) I can assist you in opening up more possibilities in your life. We will work as a Team to expand upon your skill sets and natural gifts.

Sessions usually confirm what you already know deep inside and sometimes surprise you with new information as well. No matter what is reported you always have free will to accept or discount the information given.

I hope this information will help you to have the most positive, enlightening and enjoyable session possible. Looking forward to working with you!

~Lisa Tenney Intuitive Illuminations

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