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Lisa Tenney is a powerful intuitive and extremely gifted medium.  She has channeled messages from loved ones past that were so specific I know for certain her ability is very real.  She has walked me through emotional crisis and was able to lend a tremendous amount of clarity and facilitate deep healing.  Her support has been priceless in the unfolding of my own spiritual path.

-Aprilynn Noriega  Owner at Second Sight Psychic Oracle & Tarot Readings 



Lisa, thank you so much for today!  

I feel like we were meant to meet!  After our session, I had the best day ever!  My mind is so clear and focused and on the right track! I really appreciate your amazing gift! Thank you!!   

-Heidi LaneOwner/Aesthetician at and



Lisa, I wanted to say thank you so much for what you helped release in my son I feel so much less turmoil and insecurity from him.  You are so very much appreciated and loved I cannot tell you how much love I feel right now. I would like to get him in again soon.

Thanks again!  -Angelina Brown

There was a time when the stresses and challenges of my life grew so great that I felt in the space of soul that my being was deciding whether or not to continue in this physical existence.  Recognizing this danger, I asked Lisa Tenney to visit me.  Soon after her arrival, my story and the strong emotions came forth.  She completely accepted me.  She was completely present and completely compassionate.  When my inner storm subsided, she asked me to lie down so she could facilitate a healing.  I permitted, I allowed, I opened and I received at a very deep level.  Afterwards, I felt whole again.  I felt that I could continue on. I owe my life to Lisa Tenney.  I shall cherish her all my days and beyond.

-Randy Kaufman greens keeper & spiritual healer  



Lisa Green Tenney, without you I would not be here today. I learned a great many things from you, but one in particular. I learned how to love myself for who I am. I lost that long ago and you came into my life and helped me become the person I truly was meant to be. I will always hold you in my heart. The UNIVERSE has crossed our paths for a purpose, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you. 

-Marcia may olivas Entrepreneur/model/actress

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"I have to say that Generational Wounds Therapy session I had with you was a game changer for me. Transformative is an understatement. During the session, I immediately felt a shift in my field, but in the weeks following our time together, it was as if the energetic blocks I was feeling at the time molted and I emerged with new skin, a new perspective and a new sense of vitality. <3 <3 <3 I am so grateful for you and the work you do!"

 - Dawn Champine Astrologer and creator of:


Lisa is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! She has amazing abilities that have helped me with direction upon my Path, and believing who I truly Am immensely. She has the ability to see things that not many others can, including clarifying current situations in my life that almost no one knew about, and that I certainly hadn't told her. Besides her talents, she is an amazing being inside and out. I highly recommend her to my friends and to everyone else that is seeking answers and guidance. Thank you Lisa! 

-Trentamus Briggs


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Lisa is a highly gifted healer and intuitive. Through guided sessions with her I have been able to establish relationships with my guides and angels, working towards a deeper connection with my divine self.

As a result, I have begun trusting and listening more often to my own intuition and inner wisdom. With her spiritual guidance I have come to understand my purpose with clarity, creating more meaning along my path and growth into higher consciousness. Through aura and chakra cleansing and working with my guides and angels, Lisa has brought about healing, understanding, and movement in my life. Lisa is one who has embraced her true calling to enrich and heal the lives of those around her.  As they say, "when the student is ready the teacher arrives" if Lisa Tenney has wandered into your path there is a reason my friend!

-Amy H.   LCPC & ACADC


Thank you so much. It was a huge eye opening reading. I hope to work with you again soon. And thank you for being gracious and letting me pay in two payments. I needed the reading that day tremendously with what I was going through and it really relaxed me and brought new life to me. :)

-Amanda Oliver



I was feeling lost and depressed when a friend referred me to Lisa Tenney. Today months later, I can truly say that I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am extremely grateful to my friend who referred me and to Lisa for all she's helped me with. I am happier and stronger now after our sessions. Her energy work is powerful, her kind listening ear, and her ability to hear messages from guides and relay those messages is truly amazing. I feel much clearer about so many things now, life seems brighter and feels easier. Lisa's coaching work is life changing.

I will forever be grateful.

-Leeann S.  Artist and Photagrapher


This is the best kind of review, because it comes from a skeptic. After merely one visit, Lisa has already shunted my life onto a more positive and healthier track. It's been an incredibly exciting journey so far, understanding my inner potential and gradually unlocking reserves of energy that I didn't even know existed. In crisis or not, I'd recommend Lisa Tenney's services as the single most therapeutic experience of my life, thus far. A+! :)

-Graham S.