auric Neuro-Repatterning: Transforming Negative Self Belief and Healing Traumatic experiences

Auric Neuro-repatterning is a conglomerate of healing techniques created from several systems which works through the aura and nervous system in order to access that which you would like to reframe for the better.

in this work we will discover first what you want to feel and who you want to become, then we will address what is creating road-blocks to achieving those states of being.

this process creates access to those parts of yourself which will enhance the greater beneficial elements within you and heal those which disempower you.

the outcome is a resolving of negative emotions which were anchored into your body and auric field from your past, thereby enabling you to return the focus of life to living more fully in the present.

clients have reported permanent positive change in self growth, self awareness, deeper states of consciousness, greater enhanced motivation and more profound meaning in their lives.

with this work, you will learn practical personal techniques which you can use on your own to continue positive enhanced self concept and deeper aware states of consciousness.

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this healing technique was inspired from the works of: mental science and new thought pioneer- William walker Atkinson “Thought vibration” (and many other books), virginia satir of stst (satir transformational systemic therapy), Richard bandler & John grinder founders of nlp (neuro linguistic programming) “the structure of magic” & “using your brain for a change”, the works of david Snyder ( and brent baum of HMR (Holographic memory resolution), works of Ibrahim karim, phd biogeometry & “biogeometry signatures”, the heart math institute (heart brain coherence) Gregg braden “the science of self-empowerment: Awakening the new human story”

(The price of this mixed modality is $111.00 per hr. please note rates vary outside the u.s.)

If you’re interested to research more for yourself, check out these videos below:

***Each session is to be regarded as an addition to one's own personal process. Sessions are to be utilized as a joint is the responsibility of both the practitioner and client to hold and communicate a discriminating personal intuitive critical thinking process in order to create the greatest results. 

**All Intuitive Sessions are deeply personal and tailored to the individual according to their specific needs & or desires as communicated from each individual and their soul itself.  Each individual & their process is held with the utmost respect & are fully confidential. 

**Energy Healing & related services are to be regarded as a compliment to traditional medicine and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.