Why Receive Intuitive Assistance?


Assistance from an intuitive practitioner can bring about clarity to what is playing out unconsciously in your energy field and/or psyche.

We are continually bombarded with discordant energies, dogmatic controlling belief structures, and disjointed negative patterns of thought…

these things are constantly thrown in our direction whether by our own conditioned pattering or by others- but ultimately how much we allow it to effect us is our own choice.

self awareness and true healing includes recognizing your internal negative or undesirable emotional energy patterns.

These undesirable energies, thoughts and emotions, need a place to thrive in order to be held within your psyche. If you are unconsciously in agreement of it/unaware or ignorant, you are providing a ripe environment for these undesirables to hook in and drain your personal power.

When we are living from a space of unconscious habit, it is as if we are in a trance... we believe in the ‘stuff’ coming at us (or from within us) and it lowers our ability to have clarity, personal discernment, and ultimately our freedom.

Unresolved issues and stagnant patterns allow our unconscious thoughts and unhealthy patterns to be in full control. as we begin to recognize and remove these unhealthy patterns, the more free we become to create our most desired life and higher potential.  

truly this work is to provide a spring board for your own self discovery process. this journey of self realization can create a re-connection to the truth of who you are as a soul. knowing who your are as a soul ultimately results in a deeper relationship to greater source essence, revealing a life in harmony with optimal states of being and a thriving sense of connection.


Assistance from an intuitive practitioner can bring about clarity & revelation of what is playing out unconsciously in your energy field and/or psyche.

a few examples of what could be uncovered: unhealthy Behaviors and or thought patterns, unresolved trauma, parasitic attachments, energy fragmentation, various sabotaging influences, negative ancestral links, adverse contracts or agreements (both known or unknown), pervasive negative loops or tapes adding to a negative self-concept, and varied types of emotional, mental or energetic blocks.

intuitive sessions can assist you to gain new perspective of these negative influences, resulting in advanced self understanding. this new found knowledge from these prior subconscious patterns, can create greater self mastery. once you've gained these new understandings, deep lasting transformations can then take place, allowing you to live life to your fullest capacity from a renewed sense of self.

please check the list of services for various types of intuitive sessions which can be of benefit to you.

the Price of most sessions begin at $111.00 per hour for those in the u.s. (prices vary outside of the u.s.)

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***Each session is to be regarded as an addition to one's own personal process. Sessions are to be utilized as a joint effort...it is the responsibility of both the practitioner and client to communicate through discriminating personal intuitive & critical thinking processes in order to create the greatest results.  In other words- each individual is required to use their own discernment and discretion. 

**All Intuitive Sessions are deeply personal and tailored to the individual according to their specific needs & or desires as communicated from each individual and their soul itself.  Each individual & their process is held with the utmost respect & are fully confidential.  

**Energy Healing & related services are to be regarded as a compliment to traditional medicine and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.